The Process

Step 1 - Research

You will research all the resources listed to gather your information. 

Step 2 - Written Report

You will write a written report on the information that you have gathered and researched. 

Step 3 - Group Presentation

With your group, you will discuss your individual written reports.  How can this information be used for your presentations?

Step 4 - PowerPoint Presentation

With your group, you will create a PowerPoint Presentation that will include each of the researched areas.  Print out the Guidelines handout to help you with your presentation.  Print out the PowerPoint guide to help you create your presentation.

Step 5 - Oral Presentation

Your research team must present a short, five minute oral presentation before your teacher and classmates.  Include your PowerPoint in the presentation. 

Step 6 - Plant your garden

You will test your hypothesis about which plants will grow the quickest under different environments.