The Task

Your task, as a member of the plant research team, is to gather information about plants, setting up plants in your classroom and taking care of the plants.  You will be working as part of a team of three that must present a research report on the following topics:
  • Characteristics of plants
  • Setting up an environment that will help your plants grow the quickest
  • Caring for the plants
You will be working in groups of three to do research.  You must choose a role within your team.  Remember, your team is depending on you!Roles
  • The Plant Biologist - Your role is to research the characteristics of plants.  You will determine which plants can live in your classroom.  You will research the different types of plants and special characteristics the plants have to help them survive. 
  • The Architect - Your role is to design the environment the plants will live in.  You will need to research the materials needed for setting up  plants in the classroom. You must determine which plants will grow the quickest. You must also consider the conditions in the classroom when designing the environment.
  • The Plantkeeper - Your role is to research and gather information about the caring of plants. You will need to research about soil, nutrients, temperature, light and water.  You must also consider the conditions of the classroom when researching about the caring of the plants.